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OnePMO offers tools that allow you to create all your projects in one place, in the most simple, fast and effective way. By using templates, copy/paste features and other productive tools, your project portfolio is done within few minutes.

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    Make use of project templates

    Initiate new projects based on existing templates, or create your own templates. You'll save time and gain in accuracy.

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    Structure projects with flexibility

    Organize your projects in portfolios by using folders and sub-folders. Create your tasks, define requirements and milestones.

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    Display the WBS Gantt chart

    You can design the structure of your projects in a dynamic Gantt tool, highlight the critical tasks, set the durations, ...

  • iconProgress tracking
    Update the progress of tasks and projects and concentrate only on the remaining workload.
  • icon Project dependencies
    Reflect project inter-dependencies by linking them together through predecessors or successors.
  • icon Risk and uncertainties
    Take account of workload uncertainty or risk factors, such as: disruptions, accidents, inclement weather conditions, ...
  • icon Priorities and goals
    Define date constraints, goals and priorities to guarantee on-time completion.

Resources represent the biggest asset of your company; OnePMO will help you make the most of them by automatically allocating them where they bring the highest added-value.

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    Organize your team using roles and skills

    Tell OnePMO who does what to let the scheduling engine find the best match for people and task needs.

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    Easily manage your team availability

    Reflect unavailability by using calendars (part-time, ...). You can also manage different teams by creating different calendars.

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    Get a global view on the real resource usage

    Understand how your individual resources or teams could be used according to the project requirements and applied calendars.

  • icon Types of resources
    Create individuals, groups of people, generic resources, machines, vehicles, ... any kind of resource that is part of your plan.
  • icon Skills and experience
    Empower the use of the role feature with skills and levels to reflect additional expertise or experience (junior, expert,...).
  • icon Learning curves and risks
    Apply learning curves to reflect the efficiency of new employees in time and sickness coefficient to reflect realistic presence.
  • icon Categories
    Apply different categories to your resources and use these categories to filter results, make reports and advanced analyzes.

Thanks to its planning engine, OnePMO allows you to plan your global project and resource portfolios in seconds. You can say good bye to tedious hand–made calculations.

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    Define the scope of your plan

    Plan over a few months or a few years. Set priorities to your projects and, if required, define their start dates and target dates.

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    Get your plan displayed under several views

    Planning results include a Gantt diagram that displays resource allocations, resource usage, cash-flow diagrams and KPIs.

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    Make simulations to find the best plan

    Update scheduling parameters to generate several plans and choose the one that best fits your goals.

  • iconProject selection
    Select projects to be included in the planning process. Useful to evaluate the impact of a new project on the current portfolio.
  • icon Resource allocations
    The planning engine allocates resources according to your requirements. Get a view on who does what and when.
  • icon Resource leveling
    Resource leveling is automatic. Resource conflicts and over- usage are solved in an optimal way by the scheduling engine.
  • icon Cash-flow forecast
    The impact of availability, risks and efficiency is taken into account and gives a realistic cash-flow evolution diagram.

OnePMO reports and dashboards are important as they allow you to share the planning and scheduling results with your team, your clients and your peers...

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    Monthly cash-flow report

    Make reports about cash-flows, KPIs, planning, resource usage, allocations, resource scheduling and goals.

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    Resource usage report

    Understand how your individual resource or group of resources are used according to requirements and availabilities.

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    Share project status

    You can export the status of your projects at any time to inform about the current progress of projects and usage of your resources.

  • icon Standard format exports
    Export the planning results to share with your team or management. Export can be made to HTML, PDF, Excel, ...
  • iconPrint each view
    In addition to predefined reports, all Gantt charts and grids within OnePMO can be printed.
  • icon Export schedules
    You can also share individual schedules to inform your team about their upcoming tasks. Share one common plan with all.
  • iconAdvanced analyzes
    Use the categories to filter data results and create a report on specific dimensions to read the information on different angles.

OnePMO offers extra features that will help start easily with your existing data or create your first plan in a few minutes. Collaboration through import / export files will also be appreciated by Program Managers.

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    Import/export OnePMO files

    You can import several OnePMO files and consolidate them into one file and vice versa. Useful to work in team.

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    Import/export MS-Project files

    Easily import/export Microsoft Project files to quickly get started with OnePMO.

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    Import Excel files

    You can import project and resources directly from an Excel file we have designed to fit with the OnePMO data structure.

  • icon Project templates
    We have created ready-to-use project templates. Choose the one that fits your business and adapt it to your needs.
  • icon Welcome startup
    The first screen of OnePMO has been designed to facilitate access to quick actions.
  • iconResult analysis
    Get answers about your plan such as "Why is this person not working on this task?"
  • icon Hour and day modes
    Plan in hours or days, depending on the level of details you want to apply to your plan and results.

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